Mean Divisive Obama Accuses Republicans of "Meanness and Division"

Biden's collapse and the implosion of the Democrats has been good news for Obama who is suddenly in demand again. From California and now to Virginia, the savior of hope and change has left off golfing to go back on the campaign trail for a series of weak candidates.

And all Obama has to offer is the same old weak gaslighting.

"We’re at a turning point right now, both here in America and around the world," Obama told a crowd of about 2,000 gathered outdoors on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University. "Because there's a mood out there. There's a politics of meanness and division and conflict, of tribalism and cynicism."

Meanness, division, conflict, tribalism, and cynicism?

I wonder which prominent 21st-century occupant of the Oval Office helped normalize that kind of thing while breaking America?

Barack "We're gonna punish our enemies" Obama spent his national career pivoting from complaining about meanness and tribalism to practicing it. After building his occupation of the White House around tribal politics, cynical lies, and dividing Americans, he's back to pretending to deplore it.

As always the striking thing about ex-presidents is how tiresome their shtick has gotten over the years. Especially those we've had to endure for a full two terms.

In the years since, Obama has learned no new tricks and his routine has grown paler and weak. Everything is a turning point. The other side is mean and divisive, while his side is just trying to solve the big problems... with critical race theory, race riots, and funding their special interests.

Obama's tribalism and divisiveness broke America. His routine of playing destroyer and healer is what is truly cynical here.



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