Muslims Are the Biggest Victims of the Muslim Terror Murder of British Non-Muslim MP

British MP David Amess was murdered by a Somali Muslim terrorist, Ali Harbi Ali (the middle name was a clue right there). The Jihadi had been previously referred to a counter-terror scheme and was a known threat. Despite that nothing was done.

Meanwhile, the conservative pro-Israel legislator's death is being exploited to call for more internet censorship and conflated with the Jo Cox murder when it's actually far more like the Lee Rigby murder.

It's not a story about "threats to MPs" or "online extremism", but Islamic terrorism.

And that's the one thing we're not allowed to talk about.

And now it's time to completely change the subject by switching around victims and perpetrators. 

UK Muslim groups brace for rise in hate crime after killing of David Amess - The Guardian

Yes, the real victim is not the man who was just murdered, but the Islamists who are claiming that they're about to become the victims.

This sort of spin is classic. Take this headline from 2015.

Here We Go Again? Muslim Americans Brace for a Backlash After Paris - The Nation 

Here we go again, indeed.


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