Norway Has Strict Gun Control. 5 People Were Killed With a Bow

Update: The killer was a Muslim terrorist. And while contemporary Jihadis usually don't use bows and arrows, the terrorist in this case is reportedly a Muslim convert. The real lesson in this story as usual is that weapons don't kill people, ideologies do.

The average mass shooting in America kills less than 5 people and contrary to media narratives amplifying gun control propaganda, you don't need a gun to carry out a mass killing. Some of the largest one-man mass killings were carried out with simple everyday items. 

And in Norway, a killer managed to kill 5 people with a bow and arrows.

The killer reportedly managed to kill 5 people and injure 2, one of them an off-duty police officer. 

One witness told local outlet TV2 she had heard a commotion and seen a woman taking cover, then a "man standing on the corner with arrows in a quiver on his shoulder and a bow in his hand".

What's next? Banning bows and arrows?

The UK and New Zealand responded to stabbings by trying to ban knives.

“Historically, we needed a point on the end of our knife to pick up food because forks weren’t invented," a letter from the Church of England in the Diocese of Rochester reads.

Knives with points on them it explains are no longer needed in this modern fork-filled era.

"Research demonstrates kitchen knives are used in a large percentage of homicides due to their availability and lethal nature," it warns.

Kitchen knives are being banned in the UK under the Offensive Weapons Act 2019. The OWA reads like an NRA parody. It authorizes stop and frisk for corrosive substances in a futile bid to prevent acid attacks. Knife crime prevention orders will force teens to stop using social media or face jail time.

It bans the sale of kitchen knives, bread knives, garden shears, carpenter’s adzes and, scissors to anyone under 18. You can no longer order kitchen knives delivered to your home and many major UK retailers, like Tesco, no longer carry knives. A shopper went into a store, browsed the kitchen aisle, asked for knives and was told that they no longer sell any knives, including fork, spoon and knife cutlery sets.

And does anyone really "need" bows and arrows? Or kitchen knives or gasoline or any other way you can kill a whole bunch of people. 

Gun control turns into knife control, bow control, and everything control because it's really about people control. And people control doesn't work.


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