Pro-China Environmentalist Group Demands Boycott of Jewish Groups

Here was what the Sunrise Movement was up to earlier this year.

Forty-eight progressive organizations issued the letter to Biden this week, including prominent outfits like CODEPINK, Sunrise Movement, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and ActionAid USA. The groups accuse the White House and Congress of taking an "antagonistic approach" to U.S.-China relations that will serve as a "major barrier" to cooperation on climate change.

"We are deeply troubled by the growing Cold War mentality driving the United States' approach to China—an antagonistic posture that risks undermining much-needed climate cooperation," reads the letter, published by Politico.

Now the Sunrise Movement issued a statement announcing that it's boycotting a leftist D.C. statehood event because it will include what it falsely claims are a "number of Zionist organizations" which it lists as including the "Jewish Council of Public Affairs, the National Council of Jewish Women, and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism".

The NCJW is an anti-Israel group that has made common cause with the Women's March and Linda Sarsour, and the RAC is a fairly constant critic of Israel. If Sunrise demands that NCJW and RAC be driven out of the Left then it really can't make common cause with any Jewish group that isn't an affiliate of Islamic terrorists. And that's pretty much what its statement says, "We also ask that the Declaration for American Democracy consider removing JCPA, the National Council of Jewish Women, and RAC from their members list as Zionism is incompatible with statehood and political sovereignty." By Zionism, Sunrise means Jews.

Understanding this is, as usual, a game of follow the money.

Soros's Open Society Foundations gave $500,000 in 2019 to the Sunrise Movement... Democracy PAC, which is heavily funded by Soros, contributed $250,000 to Sunrise's political action committee in April 2020.

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund contributed $100,000 to the Sunrise Movement Education Fund in 2019. The Rockefeller philanthropy has funded numerous China-based environmental nonprofits with links to the Chinese Communist Party. 

Soros is a longtime enemy of the Jewish State, but the Rockefeller Brothers Fund is arguably the premier fund of anti-Israel activism.

RBF funds a variety of anti-Israel causes, including BDS hate groups. It plugged in over $4 million into J Street, the anti-Israel lobby.

$140,000 has been donated to JVP, an anti-Israel pro-terror BDS hate group. Another $60,000 has gone to If Not Now, a hybrid of J Street and JVP, a hate group which targets Jews for anti-Israel protests.

But that's just living up to the family legacy.

Rockefeller money was used to fund an institute run by Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer who promised a "total solution to the Jewish problem." His assistant was Mengele: the Nazi regime’s Frankenstein.

Sunrise's antisemitic press release isn't just Twitter virtue signaling, it's likely part of a larger antisemitic campaign encompassing the non-profits controlled by anti-Israel donors.


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