Rep. Schiff Knew Mueller Was Incompetent to Conduct an Investigation

Like everyone else in D.C., Rep. Adam Schiff has a book coming out. But considering that his claim to fame, Russiagate, is deader than his aspirations to be picked by Governor Newsom for some sort of top job, it's hard to imagine anyone caring very much about a failed witch hunt.

Except that Schiff does throw in a hell of a revelation.

Mueller, now 76, was appointed special counsel in May 2017 after former President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. Although Schiff writes that he pursued Mueller to deliver his July 2019 testimony , the reality was "heartbreaking" to Schiff when he struggled to answer basic questions.

"Had I known how much he had changed, I would not have pursued his testimony with such vigor — in fact, I would not have pursued it at all," Schiff wrote in his upcoming book Midnight in Washington, according to CNN.

"No questions calling for a narrative answer," Schiff told the committee, according to his book. "No multipart questions. If you think your question may be too long, it is. Cut it down."

Bizarrely, Schiff's reaction to the guy at the head of the investigation being unable to answer simple questions is to make the questions simpler. The problem with Mueller's cognitive decline to Schiff was a purely performative one about how well he would do on TV, rather than that the public face of the Democrat Russiagate witch hunt was seemingly mentally not there. The guy whom Russiagaters had turned into the public face of their coup effort was even more out to lunch than Biden.

There are obvious duties and responsibilities here, but Schiff's only concern is how badly Mueller looked on TV.

None of this is much of a surprise. As I wrote in the past, Mueller was just a prop being used by the team of lefties actually handling the investigation.  

The Trump-killer was just an elderly Washington D.C. apparatchik who couldn't handle the rigors of testifying and who had clearly allowed his supposed subordinates to handle the details of what had been misleadingly described as the Mueller investigation.

Schiff makes no apologies for any of this. His only concern is protecting Mueller and Russiagate from public scrutiny. 


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