SF Board of Ed Renamed Schools While Students Had to Bring Own Toilet Paper

The woke San Francisco Board of Education had important priorities. These included dismantling education for talented students, and renaming schools based on bad revisionist history. Meanwhile, the actual schools were a complete mess.

San Francisco officials and educators decried conditions inside a Mission District public school during a hearing Friday, one in which students and teachers described rodent infestations, 90-degree classrooms, students being asked to bring their own toilet paper to school and a gas leak that went neglected for more than a week.

Time to blame "systemic racism".

On Tuesday, SFUSD will present a bond reallocation plan to school board commissioners. Commissioner Matt Alexander said he planned to introduce a measure to shunt additional bond money for renovations — up to $55 million, he said. If the measure passes, the project could begin immediately.

“I think we’ve failed the school,” said Alexander. “This has gone on for a really long time. ... This is what institutional racism looks like.”

Who's the racism coming from? Alexander is, I think, the only white board member. Is he an institutional racist?

Is Board President Gabriela Lopez, who headed the whole disastrous woke school renaming push? Vice President Faauuga Moliga, who has a BA in Justice Studies? Alison M Colins, who had some nasty thoughts about Asian people, but is black? Jenny Lam, Mark Sanchez?

Superintendent Vincent Matthews is black. Myong Leigh, the Deputy Superintendent of Policy and Operations, is Asian. So is Deputy Superintendent of Instruction Enikia Ford-Morthel.

What does it mean when your minority leadership system is accused of "institutional racism"?

SFUSD Director of Policy and Planning Viva Mogi said that the school should not shut down, and that it is safe for students to attend.

Mogi is an Asian Dem activist. 

Do kids in San Francisco have to bring their own toilet paper to school because of "institutional racism" or "institutional multiculturalism"?


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