Soros-Backed Group Warns of "New Voter Enthusiasm for the GOP Among Voters of Color and Younger Voters"

A week after David Shor, a lefty pollster, blanketed political media with warnings that white upscale lefties were overrepresented, a parallel message comes from Way to Win. While Shor has a certain heterodox air after being fired for warning that violent riots would help Republicans, Way to Win has impeccable lefty credentials. 

Way to Win is partnered with Way to Rise which is backed by Soros, Open Society, the Nathan Cummings Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Pritzkers, and much of the rest of the octopus strangling America. Downstream it's tied in with the groups that serve as the foot soldiers in battleground states and this is very much shaping up to the new leftist calculus. That means it's worth paying attention to.

A progressive group warns Democrats they're facing a "double threat" heading into the midterms: voters of color aren't supporting Democratic candidates at the same rates, and the Republican Party is inspiring first-time voters of color to turn out and support it instead.

In particular, Republicans got a boost from Latino voters in Texas, Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) voters in Georgia and Black voters — especially men — in Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Colorado.

Among the 2020 first-time voters who supported a Republican candidate, roughly 20% were people of color. While 55% of the Democrats' new voters in 2020 were people of color, 20% is a high percentage for the GOP.

The final conclusion, unifying the Democrats around a radical leftist agenda is unsurprising, but along the way, Way to Win warns of the, "erosion of Democratic support and new voter enthusiasm for the GOP among voters of color and younger voters."

And Way to Win even throws in a serious bit of political racial heresy. "These trends across our multiracial coalition demonstrate the urgent need for campaigns and independent groups to stop assuming voters of color will vote Democrat and silo them into nonpartisan mobilization messages with the majority of resources—and genuine persuasion efforts—targeted at white voters. Given losses among certain voters of color and gains among certain white voters, Democrats should take the stance of actively persuading all voters."

The two ideas here that...

1. Dems have to focus on persuading white voters

2. Have to face the threat of minority defections

... are more than a little controversial in leftist circles. The fact that a key leftist group is advocating that as the core strategy should tell you how nervous even lefties are about 2022 and 2024.




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