Taliban Supporter Invited Jihadist Party Near Key Nuke Sub Base


I've written before about how badly broken Scotland has become under the SNP and the speed and thoroughness of its Islamization. But insane stories like this get across the sheer scope of what has become the new normal.

A Taliban supporter who rents land near a UK nuclear submarine base has been told to leave the site by its Iranian owner.

Yes, you read that correctly. Every part of that sentence is horrifying and it gets worse from there.

Waheed Totakhyl is an Afghan national who has previously called for the death of US soldiers in Afghanistan. His brother is a military commander for the Taliban in Kabul.

Waheed Totakhyl, unsurprisingly, has SNP connections. (Is there any Islamist in Scotland who doesn't?) And is pretty open about his views.

 A volunteer helping Afghan refugees to settle in Glasgow is facing calls for his deportation after pledging his support for the Taliban.

Waheed Totakhyl, who says his brother is a military commander for the Taliban in east Kabul, has told Sky News that since it captured Afghanistan, the country is "safer than Europe".

In 2010, he publicly called for the death of American soldiers in Afghanistan during a protest at the US consulate in Edinburgh.

He is a prominent figure in Scotland's Afghan community and regularly appears at political fundraisers and celebration events, some attended by Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Back to the base...

He has been renting Aldonaig Farm, which overlooks the Gare Loch, the stretch of water used by naval traffic to come and go from HMNB Clyde at Faslane.

Her Majesty's Naval Base, Clyde, as the Royal Navy notes, "Is home to the core of the Submarine Service, including the nation’s nuclear deterrent, and the new generation of hunter-killer submarines."

American subs have also made use of HMNB so it's not just a British issue. It's a NATO issue.

The landowner is Al Taghi, an Iranian national who is a former lieutenant in Iran's navy.

All of this started when locals began noticing suspicious activity.

Residents living near Britain's nuclear deterrent contacted Ministry of Defence police following behaviour they regarded as suspicious. They reported that, on 10 August, two cars containing eight Afghan nationals appeared at Aldonaig Farm and the men said they had driven from London, without further explanation.

When Sky News put the residents' concerns to him, he said that he had, indeed, hosted visits to the farm by Afghan nationals from around the UK.

He disputed that any such event took place on 10 August, but says he was visited on 12 June by fellow members of Afghanistan's Hezb-e Islami party.

The party is led by Gulbuddin Helmatyar, a notorious Afghan warlord dubbed the Butcher of Kabul, who has pledged his support for the recent Taliban takeover.

Hezb-e Islami has carried out suicide bombing attacks including some which killed Americans.

The group has conducted some widely publicized attacks during the past few years. Most recently, HIG spokesman Haroon Zarghoon claimed responsibility for a suicide VBIED attack in Kabul on 7 July 2015 against a NATO convoy. HIG also claimed responsibility for a deadly insider attack in April 2015 in Nangarhar Province in which a US soldier was killed. On 10 February 2014, the group executed an attack which killed at least two US civilians and wounded two other Americans and seven Afghan nationals. HIG was also responsible for a 16 May 2013 suicide VBIED attack in Kabul, which destroyed a US armored SUV and killed two US soldiers, four US civilian contractors, eight Afghans—including two children—and wounded at least 37 others. The attack marked the deadliest incident against US personnel in Kabul in 2013.

That's why the Islamization of Scotland has consequences far beyond its borders.


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