Uber Driver Who Wanted to "Kill Some Kufars" Convicted of Aiding Taliban

The Bangladeshi Uber driver just wanted to kill some non-Muslims before he died. Sadly law enforcement ruined his dream.

Hossain wanted to join the Taliban after "doing a lot of research on them" to determine that the Jihadist group had a "legitimate Jihad which is without any doubt by the will of Allah."

The Uber driver's conversations made it clear that he was closely following Islamic prescriptions regarding Jihad. "The fact that you make Hijra, Allah forgives all the sins of your previous life," he said.

"You want to fight so you can establish your religion... so you can make a society of Islam... I want to kill some Kufars (non-Muslims) before I die.)

Instead, Hossain was busted at JFK Airport, charged, and put on trial. Now he has been convicted.

Delowar Mohammed Hossain, 36, was convicted late Friday in Manhattan federal court on charges that he tried to provide material support for terrorism and tried to contribute funds, goods and services to the Taliban.

Authorities apprehended Hossain in 2019 at Kennedy Airport, interrupting his plan to travel to Afghanistan. Hossain was freed to home detention in July 2020.

No Jihad for Mohammed.


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