UPS, FedEx Warn Biden's Vaccine Mandate Will Cripple Vaccine Shipments

The supply chain crisis has multiple points of failure. It's not one single breakdown, but many. And everything Biden and the Democrats are doing is making things that much worse.

That includes Biden's illegal vaccine mandates.

A trade group for air cargo giants like UPS and FedEx is sounding the alarm over an impending Dec. 8 vaccine deadline imposed by President Joe Biden, complaining it threatens to wreak havoc at the busiest time of the year — and add yet another kink to the supply chain.

They're not asking for a suspension of the illegal mandate, only a delay long enough to get them through the holiday season. They know that Biden won't suspend it altogether, but they're reasoning that his administration might want to avoid the political pain of a complete holiday season trainwreck.

The letter, sent to the Office of Management and Budget , asks the administration to postpone the deadline until “the first half of 2022.” At issue is the requirement by the Biden administration that federal workers be fully vaccinated by Dec. 8. 

Biden's vaccine mandate might actually cripple vaccine shipments.

Some of the members of the Cargo association include FedEx, UPS, DHL Express and Atlas Air, which runs cargo flights for Amazon. Alterman noted that many of these cargo carriers are helping move vital medical supplies — including vaccines to combat the ongoing pandemic.

The classic example of cutting off your nose to spite your face.

The White House this week insisted there would be no disruption to critical services during the holiday season because of those who don’t comply with the mandate by the deadline.

The folks actually in charge of getting things done disagree.


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