Virginia's Hated Dominion Energy Monopoly Secretly Backing Terry McAuliffe

his is the "other" Dominion.

The Virginia energy monopoly has been accused of using its lobbyists to run a shadow government. It's unique in that it's widely hated not only by conservatives, but by leftists. Conservatives have warned that its 'greeniness' will cause massive blackouts while leftists hate it for the usual environmentalist reasons. The last time Terry McAuliffe was booed by leftists on his way out for his ties to Dominion Energy.

It was bad enough that the Washington Post ran an op-ed accusing Terry McAuliffe of betraying Virginia.

Dominion Energy was supposed to stay out of the governor's race. But considering McAuliffe's history, what were the odds of that?

McAuliffe has said from the outset of the 2021 race that he would not accept Dominion contributions, a pledge he also made during his unsuccessful 2009 gubernatorial run.

During his successful 2013 bid, though, Dominion donated $75,000 to McAuliffe's campaign and another $50,000 to his inaugural committee.

Hala Ayala, the Democratic nominee for Virginia lieutenant governor, also swore off Dominion support this year, but later accepted six-figure sums from the company. "People change their minds all the time," she said of the shift.

The money is in.

Dominion's political action committee has donated $200,000 to a murky political group called Accountability Virginia PAC, a group with ties to prominent Democrats that's been running ads attacking Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin from the right.

Dominion provided four cash infusions for Accountability Virginia totaling $250,000 from July through September, according to a quarterly financial report filed this month. It recalled one $50,000 payment in August.

I'm not sure there's anything that could depress McAuliffe's votes among lefties more than Dominion showing up to the party.

Youngkin spokesperson Macaulay Porter called Dominion's donation an effort by McAuliffe and Virginia Democrats to "call in their special interest cronies to dump obscene amounts of money into shadowy organizations in order to protect their entrenched interests."

Fact check: accurate.


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