While CIA Focused on Diversity, China Went Hypersonic

I know this is the default headline, but I'm struggling to think of a significant enemy weapons development that our intel establishment was on top of. India and Pakistan went nuclear while the CIA snoozed.

China going hypersonic while the CIA focused on recruiting wokes is even less of a shock.

China had made "astounding progress on hypersonic weapons and was far more advanced than U.S. officials realized," two people told the Financial Times Saturday, with another source adding he or she was unsure how China was able to accomplish it.

Easy. They focused on getting deadly weapons with zero regards for safety or diversity quotas. That's how we got so deadly.

While the Taliban advanced, CIA Director William Burns commented that increasing "diversity and inclusion" was among his top priorities. "We cannot be effective around the world if everybody looks like me," he complained. To that end the CIA had unrolled an ad campaign featuring a Latina cisgender intersectional worker wearing a pink gender power clenched fist t-shirt. But the widely hated woke ad was only the tip of the agency’s diversity iceberg.

"At CIA, we don’t just leverage diversity, equity, and inclusion; we embrace and celebrate it," an agency diversity report insisted. "This ethos must be woven in to our day-to-day tasks."

Sonya Holt, Deputy Associate Director of CIA for Talent for Diversity and Inclusion, who had started out as a mere recruiter, assured that through DEI, "the Agency will be better prepared to address intelligence challenges and support its customers."

But while the CIA tried to figure out how it would collect intelligence on the Taliban after the withdrawal, its employees did have the benefit of 15 affinity groups including ANGLE (Agency Network of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Officers and Allies), DAC (Deaf Advisory Council) and SALAAM (South Asian Leadership and Advisory Membership.)

The CIA was also working to hire “neurodiverse” personnel, which it defined as people suffering from ADD, Dyslexia, or Tourette's Syndrome. Or as the CIA 'wokely' put it "differences labeled with" these syndromes.

And that worked out brilliantly.

Don't get me wrong, the CIA was mostly useless long before this. There were a few people who actually collected useful intel, recruited sources, etc... while the vast majority were the same useless people holding down desks at the State Department. And useless is an understatement because they tended to sympathize with our enemies. 

So yes the CIA missed this one. Did it have any reports on how Pakistan's ISI was helping the Taliban take over Afghanistan? Don't count on it.


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