After Lying About Existence of Inflation, Bidenites Turn to Socialist Conspiracy Theories to Explain It

Fallout from socialism experiments usually run in three stages.

1. It doesn't exist

2. It's really the fault of capitalism

3. This is the new normal and it's a good thing

Initially the media tried to deny the existence of inflation or insisted that it was a temporary phenomenon. The polls made it clear that these bizarre lies were not working.

More than three-quarters of Americans (77 percent) say inflation is affecting their lives as the holiday season begins, according to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll — and a clear majority (57 percent) blame President Biden.

So it's time to pivot to phases 2 and 3.

Some truly daring socialists are already pivoting to Stage 3 and arguing that inflation is a good thing because people being able to buy the things they need is bad for the planet.

But the "mainstream" socialist take is to resort to conspiracy theories. 

Biden is blaming the oil and gas industries for raising prices. Elizabeth Warren is blaming the turkey cartel for raising the price of turkeys. Their operatives are ranting about "inflation profiteers".

These stupid and dishonest lies are lifted straight from the Venezuela playbook. And you know what happened when Venezuela went full Bernie and nationalized everything? Even more inflation, shortages, and downright starvation.

If businesses just began raising prices to make money, why didn't they unveil this genius strategy years ago? Especially under a Republican pro-business administration. If you're going to raise the price of foodstuffs 10%, not to mention the price of cars and turkeys, why wait until there's a turkey in the White House?

Inflation is an issue in a number of countries including New Zealand, Brazil, and Russia, some of whom have even worse inflation than we do. The U.S. has some of the worst inflation and that's because our government spending has spun out of control. You can't just endlessly print money and expect it to retain its value.

Modern Monetary Theory, which says exactly that, and became mainstream among Dem socialists, is lunatic nonsense. And the results are inevitable.


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