Border Patrol Catch Illegal Migrant Previously Convicted of Dismembering Human Body

Open borders means that they're open. Not just to the people whom lefties pretends deserve to come here, but to the worst of the worst.

When Biden and his party decided to throw open the borders to anyone who wanted to come with a sob story and a crime, they came. And some were really "bad hombres".

Border Patrol agents have made a "significant" arrest near Hereford.

Mexican citizen Salvador Gutierrez-Vargas was previously sentenced for dismembering a human body as well as concealment of a homicidal death in Chicago.

Sounds nice.

Dismembering human bodies is the sort of thing you expect from serial killers and cartel members. Either way the rule ought to be that once you've dismembered one human body in America, you're not welcome back to do it again.

But Biden's rule is, "Dismember as many human bodies in Chicago as you like. It's a civil right and no human being, even if they've dismembered human bodies, is illegal."


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