"Comply With Their Demands": LAPD Warns Public to Submit to Criminals

Over the past few years, criminals have become the nation's ultimate victim class, right after Bruce Jenner, with the police becoming the nation's greatest villains. As Democrat cities "reimagine police", this bulletin from the LAPD is a snapshot of our dystopian future which somehow turned into our dystopian present.

Aside from the expected warnings, the LAPD cautions, "If you are being robbed, do not resist the robbery suuspects: cooperate and comply with their demands."

Cooperate and comply does seem to be the postmodern paradigm.

But meanwhile a whole bunch of area residents have been stocking up on guns.

All across Los Angeles, from Culver City to Burbank, gun sales are booming. Long before compulsory social distancing became a reality in California, gun stores were already selling out of ammo and staying open late to accommodate a panic-driven run on their wares. According to gun shop personnel, most of the rise in demand is being driven by first-time buyers, including many who have never fired a gun.

At Gun World in Burbank on Sunday morning, there were 40 customers waiting in line on the sidewalk when the shop opened at 11 a.m. Two hours later, the manager was already turning customers away. Gun purchases in California are slowed by paperwork—from gun registration to a written gun test—which kept customers waiting around for hours after money had changed hands.

“If you folks want to put down a deposit on a gun today, you’re welcome to remain in line and come back tomorrow to fill out the paperwork,” the manager said, holding out his latex-gloved hands in a gesture of calm to the people still waiting in line. “If you’re trying to buy ammo, please step forward.”

One latecomer protested that this was the second time this week that the store had turned him away empty handed. “How early in the morning do I have to get in line?” he wanted to know.

As images of the crowd outside Martin B. Retting gun store in Culver City circulated on social media, motorists would slow to a drift on Magnolia Boulevard and gape at the bizarre scene outside Gun World in Burbank. 

Some of those people might just not comply with our new protected class.


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