Dem Officials and the Media Keep Talking About Cuomo's Lack of Ethics, Not His Crimes

New York Dems still fear Cuomo. And with good reason.

He's got a ton of money, a lot of political allies, inside knowledge, and is a Machiavellian figure facing a deeply divided Democrat ruling class. The trickle of reports hitting Cuomo over his behavior, the latest of them during the pandemic, document all sorts of procedural and ethics violations rather than the crimes they were covering up.

Cuomo didn't just "politicize" pandemic management. What politician didn't? He did it by blaming it on Orthodox Jews and then following up with restrictive measures driven not by science, but by his political agendas. Had this sort of thing been directed at the black community, we'd be talking about it forever. But whichever community it's directed at, this is exactly the kind of behavior that civil rights legislation was built to stop.

Yet the media never talks about it. It never discusses what the politicization actually was in service of.

Likewise, Dem officials and the media talk about violations in reporting nursing home death rates, rather than the underlying crime and the coverup involved.

Dem officials keep addressing the coverup as a series of unexplained ethical violations with no apparent motive except to be "unethical". That's the second stage cover-up.

The Dems want to take down Cuomo, but they have no intention of a real reckoning with his crimes.


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