Dems Pinning Pres Hopes on Buttigieg's 38% Approval Rating Screams Desperation

South Bend is a miserable hellhole. Pete Buttigieg, who won mayoral election on the strength of fewer votes than the number of your Facebook friends, was promoted to Secretary of Transportation despite having no apparent skills except self-promotion and popularity with HRC donors. Despite that, he managed to blow his one big job and went on a two month vacation during the supply chain crisis.

Obviously it's time for some "presidential buzz".

Kamala's people have been complaining that she's being sidelined by a "white man" and that this is just another episode in her long history of racial persecution since growing up in racially segregated Berkeley. But it's just a factor of her terrible poll numbers which are even worse than Biden's poll numbers, which are only slightly better than those of most serial killers.

Buttigieg, who has the modesty and humility of a teen celebrity, is likely behind the presidential buzz, but it's a sign of desperation that Dems are even going for it.

With Biden and Kamala looking terrible, Buttigieg is about the only member of the administration who might be some sort of political prospect.

The political action committee he formed in the aftermath of the presidential race, Win the Era, is mostly keeping quiet, but the website remains up and has been organizing occasional events including one on Nov. 15. Former campaign aides Maxwell Nunes and Michael Halle have been helping keep it afloat, according to filings and disbursement reports. Neither of them responded to messages.

It's a sign of how out-to-lunch Biden is that one of his opponents serving in his own cabinet is keeping his own PAC going for a possible run against him.

His backers are touting poll numbers that aren't all that spectacular.

Buttigieg has a higher favorability than both Biden and Harris with six points more than the president and 12 points more than the vice president, according to a new Politico/Morning Consult poll.

The survey also shows that Butigieg has the highest name recognition of any other member of the Biden administration – besides the president and vice president. Eighty-three per cent of respondents were familiar with Buttigieg's name. 

6 points higher than your own boss is not exactly a massive surge which in this case translates to 38%.

The alternatives here are spectacular candidates like... Janet Yellen and Merrick Garland.

Really, the only advantage Buttigieg has is that he's under 70 and over 30 percent in the polls. When that's your compass, you might as well abandon ship.


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