Fresh From Lying About the Rittenhouse Case, the Media is Lying About the Christmas Parade Massacre

The dynamic here is very familiar to those of us who have been reporting on Islamic terrorism for years. Always treat Islamic terrorism as non-terrorism while any violence going the other way is always terrorism. That's how the media embraced blatant lies about the Rittenhouse case and then responded to the Christmas parade massacre in Waukesha by denying any terrorist motive.

As this statement from Jews Can Shoot sums up

NOT GUILTY! The law wins. Mob rule loses. This time...

The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse is over. The centuries-old doctrine of self-defense won. The legal system won. The media lost. The mob lost. The not-guilty verdict had nothing to do with the prosecutor's incompetence or lies. The jury found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty because he is not guilty. He acted in self-defense out of legitimate fear for his life. What we would all do.

But it's not over. The new narrative of the Left will be crossing state lines, don't be where you shouldn't be, the "proliferation of guns", white supremacy (all involved in this case were white), further attacks on self-defense, "militia" and vigilantism.

There will be increased efforts to legislate restrictive gun control laws, to dilute Stand Your Ground laws, Castle Doctrine, redefining self-defense.

The ultimate goal is a lawless society where police are instructed to stand down, where life and property are unprotected and people live in fear. A society where law-abiding citizens are disarmed and defenseless and the Left is in control. Where mob rule, rules. In short, a totalitarian society.

Remember: Only you can prevent tyranny.

Meanwhile the BLM car massacre in Waukesha is being spun the other way by the media which tried to put the blame on police by falsely claiming that the massacre happened because the police had been chasing black nationalist rapper Darrell Brooks.

In the weeks to come, we'll see no doubt see the usual bag of tricks, from ignoring the case to blaming mental illness and systemic racism for the massacre.



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