Gov. Newsom, Who Supported Legalizing Theft, Promises to Crack Down on Theft

In the wake of the organized San Francisco looting of luxury boutiques, the French Laundry Democrats from Mayor Breed to Chesa Boudin to Gov. Gavin Newsom are butching up and talking tough..

Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday said he had “no sympathy or empathy” for people involved in recent organized retail thefts in the San Francisco Bay Area that have made national headlines.

He said he planned to include an “exponential level of support” in his upcoming budget to help cities address retail theft rings and other quality of life issues.

“We want people prosecuted and we want people to feel safe,” Newsom told reporters from a vaccine clinic in the Bay Area to promote COVID-19 booster shots. “They must be held to account.”

Proposition 47, backed by Newsom and top donors, like Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, who also financed Newsom's successful campaign against being recalled, made sure that criminals would not be held to account.

Last year, Newsom was fighting efforts to restore law and order, and hold criminals accountable.

Gov. Gavin Newsom has waded into ballot battles over criminal justice by opposing a law enforcement-backed measure to pare back earlier reforms while supporting a ban on cash bail and a measure allowing more parolees to vote.

Context: The governor's position on Proposition 20 shouldn't come as a surprise given his history. Prop 20 would pare back elements of Proposition 47, a 2014 initiative reducing drug possession and theft sentences, and Proposition 57, which allows more early prison releases; Newsom backed both, and said earlier this year "you would imagine where I may end up” on Prop 20 given those stances.

As the BLM and criminal justice reform crime wave booms, the arsonists are suddenly pretending that they're the fire department.

If Newsom wants to end the crime wave and hold thieves accountable, he can support a repeal of Proposition 47. But he's not going to do that as long the Netflix CEO is signing his checks.


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