Jews Can Shoot on Rittenhouse: "Trial by Jury or Trial by Media"

Jews Can Shoot, a civil rights group that raises awareness of the Second Amendment and the right of all Americans to defend themselves, has issued a statement on the Kyle Rittenhouse case.

"The Kyle Rittenhouse self-defense case may well prove to be one of the most pivotal in our history. Two trials are in action. One will determine whether the centuries old doctrine of self-defense will still stand. The second is whether we still have a legal system of trial by jury or whether it has been replaced by trial by media.

Consider that the judge is receiving death threats against himself and his children. Kyle's life and that of his family will be never be the same and will always be in danger. Since the judge has agreed to consider lesser charges, there is now a possibility that he will be convicted of at least one of the charges leading to prison time. Imagine the lives of the jurists if they return a not guilty verdict.

It's unfathomable that this comes to pass. As I said, it will affect every one of us. The concept of self-defense is in our Torah. We are instructed (mandated) to save our lives and those of innocents. Imagine the impact of a guilty verdict.

Threats have been made that if any verdict other than a guilty verdict comes back, there will be rioting. Who will step up to protect innocents? Does anyone believe that the rioters will stop at property damage? The National Guard has been called up when the verdict is announced. The police had been told to step down. Will they be instructed again to step down? Will the National Guard be allowed to do anything other than be a presence?"

The question of whether we have trial by jury or trial by media is precisely at issue in so many of these lynch mob cases. Twitter social media cancel culture mobs have shown that they can get people fired, but can they also put them away. 

(You can learn more about Jews Can Shoot at its site here.)


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