Rep. Aaron Coleman May Be The Best Democrat Shot at the White House in 2024

Kansas State Rep. Aaron Coleman may not be a household name, but that's because he's a Democrat and a Bernie Sanders fan.

Coleman's resume is impressive. 

1. Rep. Aaron Coleman is a feminist

Kansas Democrat Who Admitted to Revenge Porn Wins State Race - New York Times

2. He's pro-abortion

Coleman was also afraid she would get pregnant, Passow said, insisting that he didn’t want to have children because it would ruin his political ambitions.

“One day he even said, 'If you get pregnant, I will have to kill you and the baby,’ ” Passow said, saying she later did have a pregnancy scare and decided not to tell Coleman.

Can't imagine why.

3. He's pro-masking

During that 2020 race, Coleman generated controversy by declaring he would find it amusing if people who refused to wear a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic died as a result.

So you absolutely won't believe what happened last month.

 State Rep. Aaron Coleman was booked into the Johnson County Jail on Sunday on a charge of domestic battery.

Johnson County Jail records indicate he was placed into custody without bond and was scheduled to make a court appearance at 1:30 p.m. Monday.

In 2015, Coleman was arrested at age 14 for threatening to shoot a girl at another high school. He entered a guilty plea to misdemeanor harassment

Who could have seen this coming?

His underdog campaign centered on adoption of the Green New Deal, legalizing marijuana, expandin Medicare services, women’s rights, free college tuition and reallocating police budgets. He was a fan of U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, the former candidate for president.g

Rep. Coleman is almost as big of a feminist as Bernie Sanders. And not one to rest on his laurels, he's taking the campaign on the road.

Kansas Rep. Aaron Coleman was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence Saturday morning, making it his second arrest in just the last few weeks.

At least Coleman has strong family values.

Coleman was arrested last month and charged with misdemeanor battery in Johnson County District Court for allegedly spitting on, hitting and pushing his brother before threatening to attack his grandfather. He is scheduled for a diversion hearing next month, indicating he may reach a deal with prosecutors rather than face trial.

So Coleman for President in 2024? He's still a better candidate than Kamala Harris, and Joe Biden.


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