Social Justice Rioters Protest Rittenhouse Verdict by Looting Louis Vuitton

(Video frame via KTVU)

If stealing luxury handbags to resell on eBay doesn't communicate outrage about white-on-white violence, I don't know what does.

Despite overt jury intimidation and political panic, the post-Rittenhouse verdict failed to deliver on the spectacular progressive threats. But then again, BLM riots and targeted Antifa operations seem to be timed to deliver political effects before elections. And the midterms are still a ways away. 

Still, some rioters and looters tried to do their part.

 San Francisco's Louis Vuitton store in Union Square was "emptied out" by thieves Friday night, witnesses posted to social media.

A KTVU camera crew said Fendi and Yves Saint Laurent were among the affected retailers.

The incident at the high-end store located at Geary Boulevard and Stockton was first documented on Twitter at around 8:25 p.m. User @Yealenne posted video that shows the immediate aftermath of the theft with shattered windows on the store's ground and San Francisco police officers who responded to the scene. 

Some of the high-end retail shops that were hit, included Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana.

Another user's video shows a man wearing multiple COVID masks to obscure his face as he walks out of the store in a hurry with as much merchandise as he can carry... 

It is unclear if this incident was connected to protest movements in light of the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, which was announced hours earlier. When the police officer killing of George Floyd happened in 2020, Union Square was heavily looted. 

Nothing says social justice like stealing some Fendi handbags.

The police seem to have responded promptly, possibly because the crooks hit the $950 limit. Proposition 47, backed by Big Tech donors and assorted wealthy lefties, effectively legalized stealing anything under 950 bucks. But going to luxury goods stores means looting places where anything you take is over the limit. The obvious double standard of this brand of criminal justice reform class warfare is that it's okay to wipe out small businesses and rob neighborhood pharmacies, but go anywhere that Mayor Breed shops and the cops will come to get you.

SFPD officers then swoop in on foot down the street to stop what appears to be one of the getaway cars. 

Officers immediately use their batons to smash the Ford Mustang's windows and windshield. One officer can be seen with his firearm drawn at what appears to be someone occupying the vehicle. 

While I'm all for this kind of police response, it shouldn't take the looting of the places where the elite shop to get it. When you rob a Walgreens, the cops should also show up.

But Mayor Breed apparently doesn't shop at Walgreens.

Chief Scott listed at least 10 businesses that were targeted including Bloomingdale's, Burberry and Louis Vuitton.

"This is unacceptable," the chief added.

Is it acceptable to loot any store?

Mayor London Breed announced changes to put an end to these types of crimes.

"Last night what we saw was horrible," she said. "We're gonna be making some changes to Union Square and how cars are able to access. There will be limited access in terms of when you come to this area."

If you want to make changes, make it for all San Fran businesses, not just at Union Square.


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