Trans Movement to End Women's Colleges

The trans movement has all but ended women's sports, women's bathrooms, and pregnant women... and is now set to end women's colleges.

At a time when more young people, like Sanders, identify as nonbinary or transgender, admissions policies at historically women's colleges have loosened to reflect that shift.

Hollins is among the latest schools to revise its policies, explaining that the 2019 change came "in recognition of our changing world and evolving understanding of gender identity."

But it still isn't good enough.

Under Hollins' previous policy, dating from 2007 and revised in 2013 and 2016, if a student assigned female at birth began transitioning to male while enrolled, they were required to transfer out.

Now, according to the new rules set by the board of trustees, that trans male student can remain and graduate from Hollins.

The college is taking the claims by female students that they're now men at face value. If they're actually men, then they can't attend a women's college. But they'd like to have their claim that they changed gender by using their feelings seriously, but apparently not literally.

Hollins' guiding principle on admissions is that it will consider applications from those who "consistently live and identify as women." (Other historically women's colleges use virtually identical language, including Barnard, the College of St. Benedict, and Spelman.) 

Which already made the idea of women's colleges irrelevant. If women's colleges are defined by gender identity, rather than womanhood, than they're gender identity colleges. But that isn't enough for the movement which both wants men who claim to be women to be allowed to attend (done), but also want women who claim to be men to be allowed to attend.

The only people who then won't be allowed to attend are men who don't claim to be women. 


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