Was Waukesha Christmas Parade Car Massacre a BLM "Black Christmas" Terror Attack?

After the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, the media and social media influencers once again began falsely claiming that a black man who killed someone would never have been taken alive into custody. 

In Wisconsin, a BLM supporter proved them wrong.

Thousands of spectators turned out for a bit of holiday normalcy Sunday afternoon, the kind we so desperately need right now. It was the Waukesha Christmas Parade, a cherished rite of the holiday season. A joyous crowd lined both sides of the road, people bundled against the cold. A holiday event that wasn't canceled, with students marching with their high school bands or dance troupes, cheered on by their parents and friends. It was all so normal and good. But in an instant, the normalcy was shattered when a red SUV plowed through the parade, striking a high school band, a dance troupe and the beloved "Dancing Grannies." Corey Montiho, a Waukesha school board member, was by Mainstream Bar & Grill when he heard that his daughter's youth dance team was hit. "There were pom-poms and shoes and spilled hot chocolate everywhere," he said. "I had to go from one crumpled body to the other to find my daughter. My wife and two daughters were almost hit. Please pray for everybody. Please pray. My family is safe but many are not. I held one little girl's head in my hand, she was seizing and she was bleeding out of her ears. I held her mother as she collapsed. Please pray.”

Darrell Edward, an aspiring rapper and BLM black nationalist, was taken into custody.

Darrell Brooks is also a YouTube Rapper and goes by the name MathBoi Fly and recently posted a video on his channel of him rapping about the Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict. In the video, he is rapping in-front of the exact red SUV he had used during the Terrorist attacks Sunday evening. The video has apparently since been removed from YouTube.

There's the expected long criminal record, anti-police and black nationalist posts on what is alleged to be his Facebook account. Along with a pro-Hitler and anti-Semitic meme.

That information raises the question of whether the car massacre was part of the annual Black Christmas events where BLM activists harass Christmas tree lightings and interfere with assorted holiday events.

A typical headline runs something like, "Black Lives Matter Wants to Bring Down White Capitalism With 'Black Christmas'"

BLM thugs have previously attacked and terrorized children by targeting malls. The Waukesha Christmas Parade massacre may have taken BLM terror to the next level.


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