What Chinese Colonialism Looks Like in Europe

It looks much the way it does in Africa with Chinese companies striking deals and then importing their own factories and a foreign slave labor force to do the actual work. The only difference is that people are shocked when the same thing happens in Europe. For now.

China is intolerant of criticism and has a very thin skin. Its game plan is very simple. Reduce most of the First World to autocracies dependent on Chinese economic deals and pressure them to suppress any criticism of its behavior. This is the sort of thing that Hunter Biden apparently had a hand in, in Africa. But it's striking to see it happening in Eastern Europe.

They are shivering in barracks without heat, going hungry and have no money. They say their passports have been taken by their Chinese employer and that they are now stuck in Serbia with no help from local authorities.

These are the Vietnamese workers who are helping build the first Chinese car tire factory in Europe. The Associated Press visited the construction site in northern Serbia where about 500 of the workers are living in harsh conditions as China's Shandong Linglong Tire Co. sets up the huge facility...

Workers sleep on bunk beds without mattresses in barracks with no heating or warm water. They told the AP that they have received no medical care even when they developed COVID-19-like symptoms, being told by their managers simply to remain in their rooms...

Chinese banks have granted billions of dollars in loans to Serbia to finance Chinese companies that build highways, railways and factories and employ their own construction workers. 

While First World media inveighs about a history of colonialism, it's happening today in real time. And it's come to Europe. If you don't think it can't come to America, you aren't paying attention.

States hungry for Chinese cash are eager to sign deals. The vast majority of these deals have led to nothing because Chinese companies aren't allowed to do business the way they want to, which is to bring in their own labor force and their own managers, ignore local laws, use overt slave labor, poison the local water and earth (real environmental damage as opposed to greenie carbon nonsense) and then move on.

How many more pandemics, broken elections, cold civil wars, economic turmoil will it take until the same progressives who ignore Chinese atrocities when it comes to Hollywood and the NBA, sign on the dotted line, as long as they get to pass new laws against misgendering?

That right there is the future Biden wants for America. Maybe President Hunter Biden or President Neil Bush can even make it happen.


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