40% of LA Residents Say Homeless Make Them Unsafe, Want to Make it Worse

The first step to getting help may be realizing that you have a problem, but the second step is actually understanding the nature of the problem.

The Left focuses on language wars because it knows that if you can get people to focus on the wrong thing, they'll chase their own tails trying to solve the problem while serving its radical agenda. Whether it's poverty, racism, or anything else, the Left starts by colonizing the language with false terms.

Like homeless or its newer euphemism, the unhoused.

The homeless population largely consists of mentally ill drug addicts. The LA Times' own survey confirmed it. The issue isn't housing, it's the mental state of the individuals. But that hasn't stopped LA lefties from pushing the same treadmill of "get them housing".

After billions in taxes and proposition cash raised and wasted, the Los Angeles public wants more of the same. Or an even worse version.

Amid deep frustration over widespread, visible homelessness, Los Angeles voters want the government to act faster and focus on shelter for people living in the streets, even if those efforts are short-term and fall short of permanent housing, a new poll of county voters shows.

Short-term housing is even worse.

The California variant has proven to be equally expensive with thousands per month on a single tent or $100K tiny shacks, but attracts far more homeless which means the problem gets worse.

It's the San Francisco solution which feeds the non-profit industrial complex and makes everything worse.

A key finding: Nearly four in 10 voters said that homeless people in their neighborhood made them feel significantly unsafe.

Asked to describe their concerns in their own words, voters repeatedly mentioned urine and feces in the streets, a rising sense of disorder, and concern for their children.

“I didn’t feel safe over there, especially raising my children,” said Amber Morino, a 35-year-old student and mother of seven who took part in a focus group done in conjunction with the poll. She moved this year to the San Fernando Valley from a home in Mar Vista after a camper caught fire near the park where her kids played.

“I am also considering moving out of the state because it’s so bad,” she added. “Like, I just feel like every corner I turn here there are encampments — campers. It’s just terrible.”

And yet, I suspect that when Amber moves to Austin, she'll vote for the same Dem pols who caused this mess.

Just over one in five voters said they had seriously considered moving because of homelessness in their neighborhoods.

Even with the anger surrounding the crisis, respondents to the poll appear to have a clear picture of what’s driving thousands of Angelenos to sleep on the streets and who is responsible for addressing the crisis.

The poll showed broad agreement that societal problems — especially a lack of affordable housing and mental health resources — play a major role in causing homelessness.

Just over 60% of respondents said that the primary cause of homelessness was either a lack of affordable housing and wages that aren’t keeping up with the cost of living (35%) or a failure to provide access to healthcare for mental and physical illness (27%).

Just 18% said that the primary cause of homelessness was a homeless person’s own actions and decisions.

That in a nutshell is why Gavin Newsom is still in office and the area is dominated by Dems.

As long as voters refuse to connect their suffering to the actual causes, they're going to make things worse for themselves and everyone else.


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