Biden to Push FDA to Approve Vaccines for Babies

What's the COVID mortality rate for 6-month-olds? 

Don't kid yourself, this isn't about Omicron, Nu, Omega, or whatever. This was always coming down the pike. When all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

The expert class has decided that the only way through is universal vaccination. Even where it makes absolutely no sense and is potentially destructive. And the Biden administration has no further ideas beyond doubling down on the same broken strategy while warning that the alternative will be closed businesses and schools. The beatings will continue until morale improves. Or the next election.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is rushing through vaccine authorizations for babies.

As part of Biden's exciting new strategy of vaccine mandates and paying Medicaid health care professionals to urge teenagers to get vaccines, there's this little nugget.

Providing every resource to the FDA to support timely review of applications for vaccines for individuals under the age of 5: The President will announce that, as he did for a vaccine for kids ages 5-11, he supports the independent scientific review of a vaccine for those individuals under the age of 5 and will provide the FDA with any needed resources to do this safely and as quickly as possible once data is submitted to the agency.

A timely review indeed. And "independent scientific review" too in the very same paragraph in which the White House makes it clear that its thumb is on the scale.

A timely review is not a safe review. It's a rushed review. And there could hardly be a better strategy for getting parents to distrust the process.

While the White House uses the bland term "individuals under the age of 5", I'm told it's likely to begin at 6 months old.

The coming emergency use authorization and then vaccine mandate for babies will be very exciting I'm sure. And there could hardly be a better strategy for increasing resistance and holdouts than poisoning the well this way.


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