Buttigieg's Ambitions Have Always Been Detached From His Mismanagement

Everyone knows someone who was touted as bright, an achiever, and most likely to succeed... not because they actually ever did anything, but because that was their image.

That's Buttigieg in a nutshell.

Some politicians build cults of personality around them. Buttigieg is one of those honor students who makes his ambition seem like aspiration, entirely apart from anything they've actually accomplished. You weren't supposed to ask what Obama had actually done to deserve the Senate and the White House. Likewise, you're not supposed to look at Buttigieg's actual record.

Buttigieg is currently being touted as the Dem candidate in 2024 even while the supply chain crisis that he's supposed to be addressing is wrecking the economy.

It's a strange mismatch between the headlines that could have been written by his PAC and the reporting on the actual consequences of the DOT's inaction and incompetence on his watch.

But that was always the case. 

When I visited South Bend, it was a disaster, but the media's one story about the place was how Buttigieg had brought "hope" to it. His presidential run was accompanied by virtually no scrutiny about his time there, aside from a police shooting of a black man.

Buttigieg's disastrous mismanagement of South Bend and now the DOT has never impeded his political ambitions. Like Obama, he insists that he should be judged by his aspirations, not by his accomplishments.

Americans, like the residents of South Bend, are already paying the price for Buttigieg's ambition and incompetence. 


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