Facebook to Permit Peasants to Praise Kyle Rittenhouse

Hear ye, hear ye. Peasants of the realm. The great lord Zuckerberg has seen fit to permit you to praise Kyle Rittenhouse.

Facebook has lifted restrictions on users praising or searching for the name of Kyle Rittenhouse after he was acquitted of all charges for fatally shooting two people and injuring another in Kenosha, Wis., last year amid a wave of protests against police violence.

It goes without saying that this policy does not apply to BLM icon and wanted terrorist Assata Shakur. 

Facebook's ban was an attempt to taint the jury pool by permitting negative, but not positive comments about a man before his trial. It failed, forcing Facebook to take one slight step back on its latest effort to rig American politics.

“After the verdict in Kenosha we rolled back the restrictions we had in place that limited search results from returning content related to key terms including Kyle Rittenhouse,” Andy Stone, spokesman for parent company Meta, said in a statement.

It's surreal that we have a single company that controls the vast majority of social media discourse and determines what people can say based on its political views. In a decade free speech in this country was turned over to a handful of Silicon Valley companies.


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