If the Clinton Foundation Wasn't Illicit, Why Are Its Donations Down From $249M to $16M?

Four years ago, the Dem media insisted that the Clinton Foundation was a legitimate charity and there was nothing illicit about assorted special interests and foreign donors pouring in. And that the cash flow had nothing to do with Hillary's aspirations for the White House.

Let's compare and contrast.

During Hillary's opening year as Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation raised $249 million. In 2014, as Hillary prepared to march on the White House, it tallied $178 million.

The year after Hillary's defeat? Not so much.

The Clinton Foundation reported total revenue of $38.4 million for 2017, the fewest dollars the foundation has taken over the course of a fiscal year in more than a decade — and a sharp decline from the $249 million raised during Clinton’s first year as secretary of state.

How's the Clinton Influence Foundation doing now?

The foundation received about $16.3 million in contributions during 2020, according to a new annual tax filing.

That's less than a tenth. 

Officially they're blaming the pandemic (and I'm sure Jeffrey Epstein's death didn't help), but the Clinton Foundation's take dropped sharply not due to the China virus, but to the defeat virus.

Would that have happened if the Clinton Foundation had been a legitimate charity? Do people stop donating to charities when public figures no longer run for higher office?

Maybe Hillary Clinton should throw her hat in the ring for 2024, if only to get those donations going again.


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