Redefining "Zionism" as "Anything Short of the Destruction of Israel"

What people think when they hear "Zionism" is the building of a Jewish state and supporting its right to defend itself. 

On the Left, among Israel's enemies, the term has undergone all sorts of mutations. 

For example, leftist opponents of Israel like J Street and Peter Beinart insist that they're "liberal Zionists" even though there's nothing liberal or Zionist about them.

J Street has come under fire from AOC's DSA for even making trips to Israel. The Sunrise Movement tried to ban generally anti-Israel groups like the Reform Movement's RAC and the National Council of Jewish Women which has made common cause with Linda Sarsour, while accusing them of "Zionism".

At the latest American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) conference,  Zahra Billoo, CAIR’s San Francisco chapter leader, unveiled a definition of Zionism that includes the vast majority of Jews and everyone who doesn't overtly favor destroying Israel.

“We need to pay attention to the Anti-Defamation League,” Billoo said. “We need to pay attention to the Jewish Federation … the Zionist synagogues … Hillel chapters on our campuses.”

Those who advocate for a two-state solution – one that leaves Israel intact – “are your enemies,” she said moments later. “There are organizations and infrastructures out there who are working to harm you. Make no mistake of it. They would sell you down the line if they could. And they very often do behind your back. I mean, the Zionist organizations, I mean the foreign policy organizations who say, they’re not Zionists, but want a two-state solution.”

The "two-state solution" is not a Zionist position, it's an anti-Zionist one, and calls for a terror state alongside Israel. 

But to the CAIR hater, anything short of eliminating Israel is "Zionism".

No matter how anti-Israel lefties are, it's never enough for the Islamists who want a second Holocaust to finish the Mufti of Jerusalem's work.

They've made it clear that this is a war of extermination.

Meanwhile, Dems who regularly attend CAIR events get a pass even as they claim that joking about them being terrorists "endangers" them.


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