The 'Roe v. Wade' Freakout is Hollow Political Theater

The illegitimacy of Roe v. Wade is a simple matter of law. It's the product of one of the worst courts ever, probably the worst of the century, which invented an imaginary right to abortion. Whatever your feelings on the subject of abortion, it's inarguable that there's no such right.

And, equally obviously, abortion isn't going anywhere.

America has become steadily less religious and conservative in the last generation. The major changes in the GOP on gay rights and on family values make that fairly obvious. It doesn't mean that we can't go back, but as most conservatives realize, that would require winning a cultural war.

Will the Roberts court take any meaningful action on Roe v. Wade? I'm skeptical. Post-Trump, the court is more socially conservative, but its conservatism is not a unified philosophy, like that of the Left, but a disparate set of views. Despite media claims otherwise, there's no conservative consensus, and the conservatism of Clarence Thomas is very different from that of Kavanaugh, for example.

In other words, the Supreme Court's diversity of conservatisms reflects an equally splintered conservative movement.

But Roe. v. Wade allows the Left to play its favorite role, of victims, facing down an oppressive heteropatriarchal white supremacist system, when in reality they're the ones in charge. That's why this hollow political theater recurs and why the Left keeps promising to save women from being asked not to kill their babies three weeks before birth. 

Oppressors love posturing as the oppressed rebels fighting the empire. It helps keep them from realizing that they're the 'baddies'.


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