Atlanta Schools, Where Only 1/3 of Students Test as Proficient, Go Virtual

Virginia briefly shocked the Dem establishment, but the cold hard reality is that the teachers' unions and the educational bureaucracy have a death grip on the system and it's going to take a much bigger shock to the system before they actually stop destroying American education.

Despite everything, the push to Zoom classes is back in some of the school districts that need actual education the most.

 Atlanta Public Schools announced on Saturday it will do a virtual learning week next week, saying the decision was made "after further review of district and community COVID-19 data."

It's not clear if the district could extend virtual learning - APS said the testing results of staff on Monday, Jan. 3 "will be used for future planning."

It's understandable what with Atlanta students already doing far too well.

Only 37% of APS students in third through eighth grade scored at proficient levels in reading on the 2019 Georgia Milestones tests. In math, it was 35%.

The board wants to increase those scores by about 10 percentage points by 2025, according to a draft of the goals.

Good luck with that.

I've said this before, but this is a Cloward-Piven strategy to wreck any kind of functional metric-based education across the system and replace what's left of American education with political indoctrination and hardly any testing, just the ability to repeat back the right political talking points about capitalism, critical race theory, and whatever other Marxist garbage is on the menu.

Breaking the system this hard is their strategy for a complete transformation. We'll see if the parent uprisings continue.


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