China's COVID Cultural Revolution

The lockdown abuses in the United States, or much more extreme measures like those in Australia or Spain, are only a shadow of the everyday reality in China where the cultural revolution is being fueled by the pandemic.

In the northwestern city of Xi’an, hospital employees refused to admit a man suffering from chest pains because he lived in a medium-risk district. He died of a heart attack.

They informed a woman who was eight months pregnant and bleeding that her Covid test wasn’t valid. She lost her baby.

Two community security guards told a young man they didn’t care that he’d had nothing to eat after catching him out during the lockdown. They beat him up.

The cultural revolution stuff pretty clearly harkens to one of the worst eras in China.

A few community volunteers made a young man who ventured out to buy food read a self-criticism letter in front of a video camera. “I only cared about whether I had food to eat,” the young man read, according to a widely shared video. “I didn’t take into account the serious consequences my behavior could bring to the community.”

Quite a few mask-shamers in America would love to be able to do that sort of thing.

The man who suffered chest pain as he was dying of a heart attack waited six hours before a hospital finally admitted him. After his condition worsened, his daughter begged hospital employees to let her in and see him for the last time.

A male employee refused, according to a video she posted on Weibo after her father’s death. “Don’t try to hijack me morally,” he said in the video. “I’m just carrying out my duty.”

He's just following orders.


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