Democrats Use Racist Filibuster to Protect Russia From Cruz Pipeline Sanctions

The media obviously doesn't use the F word. After spending weeks screaming that any opposition to majority rule is a racist relic of Jim Crow (I thought that the majority repressing the minority was Jim Crow), Democrats relied on that F word to stop sanctions on Russia's pipeline.

Or as Politico delicately put it, "Dems torpedo Cruz’s bid to sanction Russian pipeline".

Senate Democrats on Thursday blocked a GOP-led effort to impose sanctions on a Russian natural-gas pipeline amid deteriorating talks with Moscow over its military buildup along Ukraine’s eastern border.

The nearly party-line vote, 55-44, came after an aggressive effort by the Biden administration to limit Democratic defections on the legislation, which the White House viewed as a bid to undercut its strategy to deter a Russian invasion. In the end, six Democrats — many of them vulnerable to GOP challengers in November — and all Republicans but one backed the legislation, falling short of the requisite 60 votes.

Biden's strategy to "deter a Russian invasion" involves pressuring Ukraine to make more territorial concessions to Russia. He did say he wanted to be FDR. 

If Republicans were doing this, the media would be screaming, "RUSSIA COLLUSION" and Rachel Maddow would have a 24 hour session on the subject with invited experts like a guy who lives in a cardboard box on the subway and Keith Olbermann.

Also it might be tangentially relevant that Senate Majority Leader Schumer is getting money from pro-pipeline lobbyists.

Schumer, along with a number of other top Democrats, is a beneficiary of campaign contributions from top Democrat fundraiser Vincent Roberti whose lobbying firm was paid over $8.5 million by Nord Stream 2 which is owned by Putin's state-run Gazprom energy monopoly.

Roberti, a former Dem politician, has maxed out his donations to Schumer and to Rep. Eric Swalwell, who may have been cheating on Fang Fang with Vladimir, and threw in a generous $171,000 to the DCCC, as part of the over $545,000 donated to the Democrat political machine.

It's nice of the media not to mention this while continuing to repeat its disinformation about Republican Russian collusion.

Anyway the filibuster is a racist relic of Jim Crow when it helps Republicans, but it's a principled effort by Democrats to stave off a Russian invasion and get paid by Russian lobbyists at the same time when they use it.

Good work, comrades. 

Maybe the Democrats should modify voting rules to keep the filibuster for when they need it so that any legislation they disapprove, but any legislation they approve of, like rigging federal elections to make themselves a permanent majority party.


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