Even After Court Ruling, Biden Admin is Killing 'Remain in Mexico' Anyway

There are two ways to kill a program. One is by overtly throwing it out the window and the other is by refusing to implement it.

The Remain in Mexico policy was the most successful element of the Trump administration's immigration policy. It was so successful that Biden did his best to kill it.

Remain in Mexico meant that migrants from around the world (and they were coming from around the world, including China and Pakistan) couldn't use Mexico as a gateway to enter America. That was good for both America and Mexico.

A court-ordered decision by a federal judge (I disagree with the decision on legal grounds, but it's essentially payback for federal judges deciding that DACA was binding on the Trump administration) forced the Biden administration to resume it.

And it's arguably flouting the decision.

President Biden's administration enrolled fewer than 300 migrants in the restored Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) in December, according to Department of Homeland Security data.

That's a joke.

The Biden administration is doing as little as possible here just to avoid court sanctions. 

However, the new numbers from DHS show that there were 267 migrants enrolled in the program in December, with no migrants from Northern Triangle countries. Enrollees included 162 from Nicaragua, 59 from Venezuela and 32 from Cuba. Colombia and Ecuador both had seven nationals enrolled.

That's 267 out of six figures worth of illegal alien migrants. I won't even bother calculating the percent. Suffice it to say that a whole lot of illegal alien migrants are eligible, but the Biden administration is refusing to actually impose and implement it in any way but the most technical. Again, this is effectively flouting a court ruling from the same party that claimed it would abide by the law.

And it's not the first time.

From the CDC eviction ban to mandate abuses, the Biden administration flouts the law and then defies the courts to stop it.


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