Facebook Bans Criticizing Taliban and Ben and Jerry’s

What do Facebook, Ben and Jerry’s, and the Taliban all have in common? They support terrorists.

Facebook has threatened to ban the head of the watchdog group UN Watch due to alleged content violations, including a post denouncing the Taliban and the movement to boycott Israel.

The post in question showed a photograph of Taliban leaders in the presidential palace in Kabul after their takeover of the country in August 2021. Hillel Neuer commented on the photo, “Prediction: Ben and Jerry’s will never announce a boycott of the Taliban.”

The statement was an ironic reference to the ice cream giant’s controversial decision to end sales in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem.

That post was censored by Facebook for what it called “violating our Community Standards.”

UN Watch does really important work in its niche. And Hillel Neuer's posts tend to see a lot of traction. He takes the fairly dry issues of UN abuses and corruption and finds ways to make them relevant and pop.

One of UN Watch's key issues is the elevation of regimes that abuse human rights, like China and Pakistan, to leading roles in UN bodies.

There's no conceivable violation in Neuer's post. But Facebook, like any lefty institution, uses the strictest and most ruthless standards when going after conservatives and people whose politics it dislikes, while refusing to hold its own accountable.


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