Hack Who Tried to Smear Franken's Accusers Comes After Clarence Thomas

If journalism had any credibility left, the likes of Michael Wolff and Jane Mayer would have killed it a while back. Mayer reached her low in the New Yorker trying to smear Justice Kavanaugh with a sexual harassment claim from Deborah Ramirez and then pivoted to smear Franken's accusers to protect the leftist Senate creep. The Ramirez smear fell apart on even the most casual inspection.

Now Mayer is back with a shocking New Yorker expose that reveals that... Justice Clarence Thomas' wife Ginni is a conservative activist.

This has been one of those incredibly shocking stories that the media has been trotting out since at least the Obama administration where there would invariably be another piece every few months revealing that Ginni Thomas... supports the Tea Party.

To understand the full measure of hypocrisy here, you have to be acquainted with Washington D.C., a town whose main business is politics and where politically connected people are routinely married to other politically connected people.

In no other cases, especially when it comes to Clinton and Obama judges, are we allowed to look at what their spouses are doing and then accuse them of bias because of the political activism of their spouses.

If we did that, no one would be allowed to be a judge.

But the Left, as usual, tries to criminalize conservative political activity while claiming that their own political activism is "courageous" and "above politics".

Spare me. Please.

"In a sane world, Jane Mayer's excellent piece on Ginni Thomas in The New Yorker would set off a series of events that would lead to her husband Clarence Thomas's impeachment and removal from the Supreme Court," Tomasky shrieks at the New Republic.

In a sane world, the New Republic would be sane, and Jane Mayer would be hissing at random people in a Costco parking lot.

Unfortunately, we live in the world that the radical Left made and it keeps shouting loudly that its goal is to criminalize political dissent.

Ginni Thomas is a courageous, committed, and politically active patriot. If the Dems would like to ban political activity by the spouses or significant others of judges, let's talk about that. Otherwise they can just go ahead and admit that they're fascists using every possible pretext for purging their political opponents.


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