It's Official. Democrats Say Gov DeSantis Is The New Hitler

It's no big deal really because, as I documented in the past, every Republican, according to Democrats, is literally Hitler.

Governor Pat Brown of California said, “Goldwater’s acceptance speech had the stench of fascism. All we needed to hear was Heil Hitler.” 

William Shirer, who had also compared Nixon’s bombing of Hanoi to the Holocaust and called Nixon an “apt pupil” of Hitler, compared Reagan to Hitler for intervening in Grenada. Then Shirer compared Bush I to Hitler for trying to outlaw flag burning.

As Kurt Vonnegut quipped, “The only difference between Bush and Hitler is that Hitler was elected.” 

There's no point in even documenting the two billion Trump Hitler analogies because they're multiplying even as we speak.

Ron's next, I suppose.

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried compared Gov. Ron DeSantis to Adolf Hitler during a recent interview.

Fried, a Democrat who is running for governor in 2022, made the remarks during Friday's edition of The Florida Roundup podcast.

"He is doing everything possible to take power away from local governments, taking away people's abilities to protest, making it harder to vote, talking about, you know, banning books," Fried said. "That's what dictators do. Instead of listening and trying to govern with the people, he is trying to govern over the people, and, you know, that, I'm sorry, I'm a student of history, too. I saw the rise of Hitler."

"Are you comparing DeSantis to Hitler?" Ross interrupted.

"In a lot of ways, yes," Fried continued. "I have studied Hitler and how he got to power, you know, wanting his own militia."

Fried was referring to the Republican governor's plan to revive the long-dormant Florida State Guard.

Hitler, DeSantis, who can even tell the difference anymore.


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