Muslim Hostage Crisis at Synagogue Parallels CAIR Campaign for "Lady Al Qaeda"

The Muslim terrorist hostage crisis at a Fort Worth Reform synagogue dedicated to social justice is over. It's a Texas happy ending with the terrorist dead and the hostages freed. 

And 'Lady Al Qaeda' aka Aafia Sddiqui, whom the terrorist wanted set free, is still locked up. 

The media is rushing to spin Muslims as the real victims while hyping Islamophobia. Meanwhile the Simon Wiesenthal Center notes that the hostage crisis parallels a CAIR campaign to free Aafia Sddiqui.

“By all available information this was a well-planned scenario designed to gain entrance into the synagogue by posing as a homeless man, the terrorist and those who planned this attack counted on the kindness of a rabbi to gain entry into the synagogue, said Rabbi Marvin Hier, SWC CEO/Founder and Rabbi Abraham Cooper.

“The demand for the release of convicted felon Dr. Aafia Saddiqui is no coincidence.... CAIR, Linda Sarsour and other prominent 'activists' have been deeply involved in casting a criminal as a human rights victim. Further, at her trial in 2008 Saddiqui demanded that no Jews be on her jury and made continuous anti-Semitic comments. It’s no accident that a synagogue was chosen for this attack."

There was a recent event involving CAIR and MPower Change, along with Sarsour, pushing for the release of Lady Al Qaeda. This was also the cause that the terrorist had embarked on.

Considering the nature of the synagogue and its clergy, I expect that they will emerge warning about the threat of Islamophobia, but it's a reminder that Islamic terrorism is real and that its political and military arms aim at the same ends.


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