New York's Mask Mandate Shows the Era of Unlimited Emergency COVID Powers is Ending

No state and governor became quite as notorious for the abuse of emergency powers, the totalitarian posturing, and the judicial deference shown to its own little Mussolini than Cuomo and New York.

Cuomo got away with everything, murder, religious discrimination, and constant lies, and the machinery of government under him boasted unlimited powers to terrorize the public with less accountability than a midtown jaywalker.

The judicial ruling striking down Gov Hochul, his successor's mask mandate, on account that it was based around powers that have to be legislated, rather than ordered.

It's a warning that the era of COVID emergency powers is passing.

Judges, who provided a great deal of leeway during an emergency, are starting to reclaim their powers. As are legislatures.

The power of executives, mostly Dems, to wield infinite powers was a response to a temporary crisis. And the new message is that it cannot and will not be a permanent crisis.

That message is coming from the judiciary and it's increasingly starting to permeate legislatures and even the media.

New York was one of the worst examples of COVID emergency rule. Now it can become an example of the road back from tyranny.


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