Only Anti-Vax Mandates Can Explain Death of 74-Year-Old Rock Star w/History of Obesity, Drugs, and Severe Injuries

The New York Post is like a trash can outside a flower shop. For every rose in the pile, there's a bunch of garbage. That's true of the whole run of Murdoch tabloids like the Daily Mail which cater to conservatives only in a wholly opportunistic fashion. They always follow the clicks.

Speaking of.

Meat Loaf was anti-vaccine mandate, reportedly seriously ill with COVID before death - New York Post


We are talking here about a 74-year-old rock star with a history of obesity and a cocaine habit. We're talking about this guy.

In a 2016 Telegraph interview, Meat Loaf likened himself to a "cat with 48 lives." The singer explained, "I've fallen three stories" and had so many "near misses" and collisions that "I should have died." In 2013, he told Ultimate Classic Rock he suffered 18 concussions, survived eight car crashes, and had close calls on planes. 

Meat's wildest anecdote alleged that in high school, a shot put champion launched a 12-pound shot 62 feet and hit him in the head, denting his skull.

Per Rolling Stone, in 2003, he underwent heart surgery after collapsing mid-concert. He was reportedly diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome, which creates "an extra electrical pathway in the heart." In 2016, he collapsed on stage in Canada, and in 2019, he broke his collarbone after tripping and falling during a Q&A. 

I don't know what Meat Loaf died of and I doubt the New York Post does either. But he lived a very full life and it's quite surprising he made it this far. Making his death about his position on vaccine mandates is the kind of dishonest COVID culture war narrative spin that is a prime reason why so many people loathe and distrust the media and the culture war it obsessively cultivates that has not and will not convince a single person to get vaccinated, but exists solely to make a certain type of unpleasant person feel superior to other people.


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