The Only Thing Worse Than Dem COVID Abuses Is Their 180 Degree Turn

Democrats, as I mentioned in the previous post, wielded massive emergency COVID powers with devastating results to people's livelihoods, lives, and freedoms. Now that the public is getting tired of the emergency, they're admitting that they're doing it all for the polls.

When the coronavirus pandemic first swept Pennsylvania, Gov. Tom Wolf closed stores and schools and ordered millions of citizens to stay home. Even four months into the crisis in 2020, all but “life-sustaining” businesses in much of the state were locked down.

Today, the virus is ravaging Pennsylvania again, like much of the country, with hospitalization numbers nearing or exceeding those during the worst months of the pandemic.

Yet Mr. Wolf, a Democrat whose party desperately wants to keep control of his seat in the midterm elections, has no intention of returning to the strict measures of two years ago. There are no plans for mask mandates or more virtual schooling. Pennsylvanians, the governor said, crave a return to normalcy.

“I think everybody’s angry,” said Mr. Wolf, who is ineligible to run again this year. “It’s been two years now. We’re fatigued and ready to move on. I think a lot of the political vectors are reflecting that.”

The "political vectors".

Wolf, one of the worst Dem COVID governors, whose minion, Rick 'Rachel' Levine is now ensconced in Biden's health bureaucracy, isn't talking about risks. He's talking about people's anger and fatigue. He's talking about political vectors, not health or "science".

What's dictating the massive political shift, which I predicted last year, is that much of the public is sick and tried (no pun intended) of the health security state and the permanent emergency, and with the polls bad enough, the Dems are shifting the narrative to accommodate.

The only thing worse than their COVID abuses is that they're making it abundantly clear that they never took the emergency all that seriously (as all the politicians who got caught violating their own restrictions have amply demonstrated over the past two years) and are willing to jettison when the politics and the polls tell them that the time is right.


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