Pelosi Announces Plan to Protect Democracy by Staying Forever in Congress

When you've gotta protect democracy, you've gotta protect it.

Pelosi has spent pretty much her entire life in politics. Her father was a congressman. She interned for a senator and then spent the rest of her life climbing the ladder. 

At the age of 81, she's just getting started.

Pelosi's video trots out the familiar old, "our democracy is at risk because of the assault on the truth" gibberish and then claims that "nothing less is at stake than our democracy... that is why I am running for re-election to Congress."

Nothing says democracy like an oligarchy composed of professional politicians who never leave public office and cultivate massive donors as their power base in order to wield control over the nation.

All the promises of retirement, like her other promises, seem to have come to nothing. Pelosi wants to be reelected and it's likely that she would also like to retain a Democrat House leadership role in whatever capacity. 

So the Dems are likely to be stuck with Pelosi who will still be there "protecting democracy" and insider trading. 


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