Soros DA Marilyn Mosby May Go To Jail, The Cops She Tried to Lynch Won't

You may remember DA Marilyn Mosby from the "Shame of Baltimore" episode.

One of the trial runs for the George Floyd/Horst Wessel was a drug dealer named Freddie Gray who didn't survive a trip in a police vehicle. The race rioters were given "space to destroy" and Baltimore's murder rate hit stratospheric highs. 

Marilyn Mosby, a Soros plant, did her best to lynch the cops involved, with no results (she may have gotten better results in the BLM lynch mob era as we've seen with Chauvin and Kim Potter), but in a fit of judicial irony, she may be the one going to prison.

Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby on Thursday was charged in a federal indictment that accuses her of filing misleading information and paperwork for loan applications.

Mosby, 41, is charged with two counts each of perjury and false statement on mortgage applications, relating to the purchases of two vacation homes in Florida, according to the Department of Justice.

If convicted, Mosby faces a maximum of five years in federal prison for each count of perjury and a maximum of 30 years in federal prison for the two counts of making false mortgage applications.

She won't get that. Obviously. But the indictment sheds light on how the other progressive half lives.

Mosby allegedly took out $40,000 and $50,000 from her city retirement account through a CARES Act provision that waived penalties on withdrawals for people who were adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to a copy of the 19-page indictment obtained by WJZ, Mosby had not endured financial hardship as a result of “being quarantined, furloughed or laid off” or “having reduced work hours,” among other reasons.

The indictment states that Mosby’s 2020 gross salary, nearly $248,000, was never reduced, but rather it represented an increase compared to her 2019 gross salary of nearly $239,000.

Mosby also made false statements in applications for two holiday homes in Florida, according to the complaint. On both applications, Mosby allegedly failed to disclose several liabilities.

Mosby in both applications — for a $490,500 home in Kissimmee and for a $428,400 condo in Long Boat Key — allegedly said she was not delinquent or in default on any financial obligations, even though the IRS had placed a lien in Mosby and her husband’s property in Mar. 2020. over unpaid federal taxes.

Down with capitalism? Right. There were warning signs before this.

Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby spent two weeks in Europe in May 2019, learning about the prison systems in Germany and Portugal while staying at the Hilton Berlin and Lisbon’s PortoBay Liberdade, both five-star hotels.

Last August, she traveled to the Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort, perched 7,000 feet above the world’s largest valley, exchanging insights about government graft and corruption with Kenya’s public prosecutor between wildlife outings.

Two months after that, she was in Edinburgh, Scotland, ensconced in the Balmoral Hotel to attend a gathering designed to foster cross-global collaboration about U.S. drug sentencing laws.

Overall, in 2018 and 2019, Baltimore’s top prosecutor went on 23 out-of-town trips sponsored by nonprofits and other groups, according to financial disclosure statements filed with the Maryland State Ethics Commission.

In so doing, Mosby accepted at least $30,672.63 in airfare, hotel rooms and per-diem expenses – by far the largest amount of travel reimbursements of any elected official in Maryland.

And then there's the travel agency to help the wretched of the earth live just like her.

Mosby gets the second highest salary in Baltimore government after Police Commissioner Michael Harrison. According to the city’s employee database, she received her full salary ($238,772) in fiscal 2019 despite being frequently absent on sponsor-paid trips.

In May 2019, Mosby created a travel and legal consulting business, Mahogany Elite Enterprises LLC.

The company’s existence was not disclosed until an amended statement was filed by Mosby on July 2, 2020 to the Maryland Ethics Commission.

Richardson describes the company as a “long-term venture” by the prosecutor “to help underserved Black families who don’t usually have the opportunity to travel outside of urban cities.” She said the company will not operate while Mosby is state’s attorney.

Nothing says helping "underserved black families" like Mahogany Elite Enterprises.


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