Soros Group Boasts of "Bullying" Justice Breyer Into Quitting

You may recall Demand Justice, backed by the Sixteen Thirty Fund's dark money machine, trying to harass Justice Stephen Breyer into quitting last year.

Demand Justice, an advocacy group led by a former top aide to Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), is pressing longtime liberal stalwart Justice Stephen Breyer to retire from the Supreme Court.

“We are now firmly in the window when past justices have announced their retirement, so it's officially worrisome that Justice Breyer has not said yet that he will step down. The only responsible choice for Justice Breyer is to immediately announce his retirement so President Biden can quickly nominate the first-ever Black woman Supreme Court justice,” said Brian Fallon, the executive director of Demand Justice and a former top aide to Schumer.

Demand Justice has hired a billboard truck to drive around the Supreme Court with the message: “Breyer, retire. It’s time for a Black woman Supreme Court justice. There’s no time to waste."

The group also launched an online petition asking signatories to “Tell Justice Breyer: Put the country first. Don’t risk your legacy to an uncertain political future. Retire now.’”

If conservatives had been doing this kind of thing, there would have been an FBI investigation and congressional hearings about an urgent threat to democracy. Since it was not just lefties, but radicals backed by the big lefty money machine, there was just awkwardness. Justice Breyer released a statement dismissing such efforts at pressuring him to resign.

Now that he's quitting, Demand Justice is taking an obnoxious victory lap.

"Stephen Breyer, Shamed By Your Tweets, Will Retire From Supreme Court"

Stephen Breyer, an 83-year-old Supreme Court justice who dabbles occasionally in fiction writing, will retire at the end of the Court’s current term. A formal announcement is expected soon; whether it will acknowledge that our collective contributions to the gushing fire hydrant of bullying tweets is directly responsible for this outcome remains to be seen.

That comes from Balls and Strikes, a pseudo-Gawker blog written up by an alum of the Gawker hate factory and sponsored by Demand Justice.

Again, you don't have to imagine too hard what the response to a conservative site boasting of "bullying" a Supreme Court justice into retiring would be.

Behind Demand Justice is exactly the aspiring James Bond villain you expect.

Between April and June 2018, Demand Justice received more than $2.5 million from the Open Society Policy Center, a 501(c)(4) lobbying group founded by George Soros, for general support. Open Society Policy Center gave Demand Justice another sum of $87,000 between October and December of that year to support their advocacy efforts on judicial nominations. 

Mind you, it's also run by a senior Priorities USA advisor who was Hillary's campaign press secretary and worked for Eric Holder and Chuck Schumer.

There are also Jen Psaki ties here.

In short, it's as establishment as it gets, despite the anti-establishment vibe. And a reminder of how extreme the so-called mainstream movement has become. 


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