Teachers' Union School Closures Are Creating Supermarket Food Shortages

Are you seeing empty shelves at your local supermarket? It's not just Biden, but also his political allies, like the teachers' unions, who are responsible. 

Teacher's unions have greedily tried to get out of working again by forcing school districts to go back to Zoom classes. This has been disastrous for children, but it's also keeping some parents home. And that's creating added pressure on the already strained supply chain.

America's already stressed food supply chains have been hit tremendously hard by the wildly contagious omicron virus variant, leading to increased food shortages, as reported by Bloomberg, which could lead to further price increases and 2020-style scarcity.

But it's not just the real impact, but also the political exploitation of the crisis by greedy teachers' unions.

That’s only become more pronounced in recent weeks, as grocery stores are having increased problems finding and keeping workers, especially as the viral spread is leading to school and daycare closings, forcing parents and caregivers to stay home and take care of their children.

Even if you don't have children in school, you may be affected by the abuses of the teachers' unions. When you see empty shelves, that's Biden, the Democrats, and the teachers' unions, who are one of the most lucrative sources of Dem cash and campaign volunteers, at work.


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