Unsurprisingly, the Texas Temple Terrorist Had a Criminal Record

In Texas Synagogue Terrorist Came Out of UK Islamist No-Go Zone, today's investigative piece digging into the background of Faisal Akram, the Texas Temple terrorist, I noted that his brothers have names that match those of some local criminals.

The Blackburn Community message describes the terrorist as having brothers named "Gulbar", “Malik” and the "Late Gulzameer Akram".

Two brothers named Gulbar Akram and Gulzameer Akram in Blackburn had been locked up over stolen cars. Another time, a Blackburn resident named Gulbar Akram almost had his nose sliced off. A Gulzameer Akram ran a massive counterfeiting operation from a Blackburn home. A Malik Akram was locked up for harassing girls. Were all of them members of the same clan?

Gulbar has stated that Faisal had a criminal record.

But speaking to Sky News he also demanded to know how the incident had been allowed to unfold.

'He's known to police. Got a criminal record. How was he allowed to get a visa and acquire a gun?,' the channel quoted him as saying.

Considering the criminal records here, it doesn't seem like "mental issues", the familiar excuse for a Jihad outburst, is really needed to explain how that lovely gentleman suddenly decided to turn violent.


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