West Virginia Treasurer Dumps BlackRock Over War on Coal

With Senator Manchin in the spotlight, lefties have eagerly ramped up their war on coal. Now State Treasurer Riley Moore is sending a message to BlackRock over its war on coal.

State Treasurer Riley Moore today announced the Board of Treasury Investments, which manages the state’s roughly $8 billion operating funds, will no longer use a BlackRock Inc. investment fund as part of its banking transactions.

The decision was based on recent reports that BlackRock has urged companies to embrace “net zero” investment strategies that would harm the coal, oil and natural gas industries, while increasing investments in Chinese companies that subvert national interests and damage West Virginia’s manufacturing base and job market.

And there's a twist of the knife.

Treasurer Moore also pointed to the significant financial risks associated with firms that invest heavily in China, due to that country’s lack of free market protections, intellectual property rights and outright government interference in markets and business activities.

“The Chinese government’s blatant interference and controls over businesses and markets creates a tremendous amount of uncertainty and risk for anyone attempting to invest there,” Treasurer Moore said.

This is exactly the language that the eco-investment activities adopted when pressuring companies to stop doing business with coal, oil, and gas. 

It's nice to see that it can be turned around.

Will this stop BlackRock or the rest of the eco-investments machine. Much like crypto, it has its own economic momentum. We're talking about massive fortunes being nailed to the claim that the world is ending and that everyone will have to switch to their "sustainable" investments or that governments will make them switch. Too much money has been invested in the scam so that it's well past the point of being too big to fail. They'd much rather crush West Virginia than admit that the entire thing is turtles all the way down.


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