Woke Generals Lead to Decline in Trust for Officers

Here at Front Page Magazine, we've spent a lot of time covering the radicalization of the military with our Disloyal Military section and pamphlets like Disloyal: How the Military Brass is Betraying Our Country, and the consequences of woke brass destroying public trust does not surprise us. 

Pushing critical race theory and calling for purges of conservatives is going to have consequences. And we're seeing the beginning of that in the Gallup polling numbers.

Military officers' ethics rating has declined 10 points since Gallup last measured it, in 2017, while TV reporters' has fallen nine points over the same period. Both declines are mainly the result of reduced acclaim from Republicans and Republican-leaning independents.

Military officers are still revered more by Republicans (67%) than Democrats and Democratic leaners (59%), but their image among the GOP is now the lowest Gallup has recorded since the first reading, in 2002, a period spanning Republican and Democratic presidencies. While it's likely that Republicans' reduced esteem for U.S. military leaders is related to the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan last summer, the cause cannot be pinpointed, given the four-year gap since the prior measurement.

Seriously? It can't be pinpointed.

Going from 84 to 67 is not about Afghanistan, it's about Chairman Milley defending critical race theory. It's about Defense Secretary Austin's political witchhunts, and the growing efforts by lefties to politicize the military. 


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